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    Welcome to 30-Day Core Fitness!

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    Chapter #1

    • Week 1: Waking up Postural Muscles

    • Week 1 Calisthenics

    • Checking in...

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    Chapter #2

    • Week #2: Consistency Brings Change

    • Week 2 Calisthenics

    • Let's Check In...

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    Chapter #3

    • Week #3: Confirming Good Habits

    • Week 3 Calisthenics

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    • Week 4: Putting it all Together

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Highly recommend!

by Angela Michaelson

Highly recommend!! I love the easy to read easy to follow books (101 dressage exercises, 55 corrective exercises and am waiting for the western dressage book to come) I ride at home by myself and this has helped me with a “plan” for my ride and intention. I’m learning a ton!! I also LOVE the you tube videos, I take notes and put them to use! Thank you Jec!!

Thank You!

Jackie Hare

You are helping and inspiring so many horse owners who are applying your methods to benefit their horses. You are a blessing.

"very helpful"

Georde Heller

Now I must follow the “practice makes permanent “ motto. I appreciate your taking time to write your books to provide us with additional access to your teaching knowledge. Thank you Jec